Circular Knitting Needles

Item No: 87

Product Name: Rosewood Circular Knitting Needles

Detailed Product Description:

Zeshane Handicrafts produce a wide range of wooden Round Square & Triangular circular knitting needles, including Ebony, Rosewood, & Olive wood. Our Circulars now feature what we call SATIN TWIST: the tips twist much less kinking in cable while knitting. PLUS! A new type of cord that is a much more pliable and wonderful material than our previous cords. YOU WILL LOVE THESE! Available in Ebony AND Rosewood Tips. we produce all standard length 24" 32"and 40"Inchies from tip to tip length.


We give the fully replacement guaranty.for any manufacturing defect.we would like our client to be aware that we never promise to give the same colors on each wooden piece.  There is natural variation in wood color, even in the same species, from tree to tree and even within the same tree.  This natural variation is part of the beauty of the wood, and should be expected when dealing with wooden products.


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