Drop Spindles

Item No: 86

Product Name: Multi-wood Checkered Drop Spindle Blockie

Detailed Product Description:

Introducing Zeshane Handicraft's Artisan Drop Spindles. With some unique styles to choose from, these well balanced spindles with a strong wire hook have a polished finish and a long shaft that helps to balance the spindle and allow for "down the thigh" propulsion for high speed spinning. Two of the spindles have a Brass design inlaid into the whorl! These spindles are a dream to spin with. The 'oily polish' finish is a family formula. It has an exquisite shine and is waterproof.

Style :-  Blocky

Matarial :-  Multiwood

Shaft length is 8" Whorl diameter is 3" and the weight of these spindles is approximately 60g 

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