Rosewood Ebony Interchangeables

Item No: 69

Product Name: Rosewood Interchangeable Set

Detailed Product Description:

 Introducing  Zeshane Handicrafts Hand Crafted  Rosewood Interchangeable Needle Set. Featuring 9 sizes of beautifully crafted interchangeable needles, a handy little tightening key to help get tips on and off the cords. 4 different sizes of cords (24", 32", 40"), square Rosewood end stoppers.

These needles are individually hand crafted and because of the nature of the wood there may be some variation of wood color within the same wood type. The needle cords have ends which swivel to help eliminate the chance of having needles come unscrewed while knitting as well as a hole for a life line and to use with the tightening tool to ease getting the needles on and off of the cord. 

(We Zeshane Handicrafts Never Use Wax Polish on the needles we produce, we do extra special hand-rubbed finish satin finish You can ask for samples and compare what you have in your store from other manufacturers you will wonder how smooth and beautiful the wood surface can be.)

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